Healthcare Innovation Online Certificate

A 12-credit Online Graduate Program

Helping Nurses, Medical Professionals, and Others Bring Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Healthcare

Do you have an inventive spirit, hungry to solve healthcare problems with innovative, entrepreneurial approaches? The Healthcare Innovation Online Graduate Certificate Program speaks directly to nurses, nurse practitioners, surgeons, doctors, administrators, healthcare professionals, engineers, and entrepreneurs seeking healthcare innovation expertise.

Offered through the University of Connecticut's (UConn) School of Nursing, the Healthcare Innovation Online Graduate Certificate brings together healthcare professionals who share a common goal of developing solutions and introducing positive change to the healthcare industry.

“... healthcare advancements throughout history are a result of creative and inquisitive minds bringing forth new innovations to meet a current or emerging care quality need.”

~ Dr. Tiffany Kelley, PhD MBA RN

While nurses, healthcare professionals, and others have to be innovators in their day to day work, their innovations tend to be work-arounds that deliver the necessary care to each patient on a case-by-case basis. Daily work-arounds expose existing gaps in standard system-level solutions and can be indicators of formal innovation opportunities.

This dynamic 12-credit (4-course) online certificate program teaches both medical professionals and non-medical professionals how to apply critical thinking skills to shift healthcare culture via an entrepreneurial lens to meet the needs of many.

The Healthcare Innovation Online Graduate Certificate emphasizes:

  • Foundational innovation theories to explain current and future healthcare innovations and entrepreneurial opportunities;
  • How to define and differentiate evidence-based innovation from evidence-based practice;
  • How to identify opportunities to innovate beyond workarounds for scalable impact;
  • The importance of leading a culture of innovation in partnership with developing innovators;
  • How to foster an idea through the innovation process as part of the capstone project.

Application Deadline

Summer Semester: March 29

Apply early to avoid last minute processing delays. Applications for the following summer semester open in mid-September of each year.

Please submit application materials no later than:

Summer Semester: March 29

Applications for the following summer semester open in mid-September of each year.


UConn Healthcare Innovation Online Graduate Certificate: Healthcare Professional Depiction

Who Should Apply?

UConn_Healthcare_Innovation Online Graduate Certificate: Medical Engineers working together

  • Registered Nurses interested in improving the care environments where they serve (or will serve) as leaders
  • Registered Nurses interested in learning how to innovate in their care environments
  • Healthcare professionals like doctors, pharmacists, dentists, physical therapists, and allied health professionals interested in improving and solving problems affecting their practice and/or discipline
  • Non-healthcare professionals in engineering, business, or fine arts seeking to understand innovation and entrepreneurship in the healthcare environment
  • Members and followers of SONSIEL- Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Leaders - or various nurse hackathons
  • Nursepreneurs and your everyday unsung heroes of healthcare innovation!

UConn Healthcare Innovation Online Graduate Certificate-Take a Course: Technology Image

Take A Course

UConn Healthcare Innovation Online Graduate Certificate: Nurse working at laptop in hospital commissaryStudents with a Bachelor’s degree or higher can take UConn’s online Healthcare Innovation courses as “non-degree” students. The “non-degree” designation allows students to take courses for credit without being formally admitted to the University. A maximum of 6-credits can be taken as a “non-degree” student.  If you decide to matriculate into the certificate program in the future, course credits are transferable if you receive a “B-” or better.

If you are interested in registering for a graduate course in Healthcare Innovation, contact Donna Campbell at or by phone at 1-844-eCampus (1-844-322-6787)