As a nurse I found the program extremely helpful in understanding the theory of innovation, the importance of innovation in healthcare, and most importantly the steps to bring an idea to reality. 

The lectures, interviews with entrepreneurs, and networking possibilities have been instrumental in helping me pursue my goals in innovation. 

As a nurse and mom, the flexibility of the program was very appealing to me. The online format made it easy to learn despite working nights and having a busy schedule. 

— Molly, BSN, RN

My role as an athletic trainer in the sports medicine field involves critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity on a daily basis. When I heard about the Healthcare Innovation Online Graduate Certificate program at UConn, I was immediately intrigued and interested in pursuing education in this area. Innovation is something I encounter nearly every day as a healthcare provider, but I did not necessarily realize that before enrolling in the certification program. The program offered me the opportunity to further explore innovation in healthcare and develop a much deeper understanding of how we can positively impact the patients we serve. As healthcare practices continue to change with a shift to preventative medicine, innovation is vital. My natural tendency to be inquisitive has been enhanced. I am now always thinking, “How can this be done better?” However, instead of just posing that question, I am able to create actionable items to actually do things better.

Given that the program was fully online, I had the flexibility to complete coursework when was most convenient for me. I enjoyed the small class size and ability to not just interact with others in my cohort, but to get to know them on a more personal level. The interdisciplinary aspect of the program allowed me to gain a much better understanding of other healthcare fields. Because of this, I was able to further recognize the role and importance of various members of the healthcare team. Dr. Tiffany Kelley is one of the most helpful, kind, and knowledgeable instructors I have ever interacted with. All of her courses were extremely well thought out and organized with clear objectives and goals. I also appreciated the quality assignments that were applicable, practical, and useful. The program allowed me to develop my own healthcare innovation that I continued to build upon each subsequent semester. I have also been able to enroll in other innovation and entrepreneurial courses to help further my innovation. I am excited to one day be able to make this idea a reality and bring it to market!

I am so thankful UConn provides students with the Healthcare Innovation Online Graduate Certificate program. It was by far the most engaging and meaningful program I have been a part of. Participating in this program truly advanced my ability to provide support to the athletic training profession and impact the future of healthcare. I strive to be the best for my patients, this program has allowed me to do exactly that!


"This graduate certificate gave me the opportunity and structure I needed to develop my entrepreneurial skills within the healthcare setting. I was able to collaborate with other students from vastly different backgrounds and healthcare fields, which gave me the necessary perspective to build out a project that went far beyond what I could have dreamed. This is the perfect program for anyone who is looking to make changes in healthcare and is always looking for opportunities for improvement in their workplace or field."

— Maria, PharmD