The Healthcare Innovation Online Graduate Certificate program embraces your intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial drive and provides the comprehensive foundation you’ll need to understand the complexities of healthcare innovation.

The 100% online certificate program guides you through an analysis of innovation as a concept and exposes you to leading innovation theories. You’ll be prepared to identify a scalable problem affecting many in healthcare and lead the process of innovation, including understanding the thinking patterns and attitudes necessary to foster an innovative environment. The fourth and final course is a capstone project, in which you will develop an innovation with mentored guidance.

Additional Healthcare Innovation Online Graduate Certificate highlights include:

A foundational theoretical framework: One of the program’s focuses is to teach you to be able to analyze leading innovation theories and apply the core principles toward the healthcare industry. With a foundational knowledge to explain how innovations arise, develop, and scale, you will be well prepared to create the next generation of innovations.

Flexible, collaborative online platform: All four courses are taught online. They are structured around modules and weekly topics. Yes, there are deadlines, but our online platform—Husky CT/Blackboard—is asynchronous, enabling you to work at your own pace and on your own time, at home or at the office.

The platform creates a highly interactive, collaborative experience perfect for innovative thinking. Faculty members post questions and opinions to a discussion board to which students add their responses—and can respond to each other, providing invaluable feedback and insights.

Diverse student population: The Healthcare Innovation Online Certificate Program was designed to be inclusive of all healthcare professions and those with an interest in healthcare innovation. With the collaborative nature of our online platform, students are able to benefit greatly from the diverse experiences of their classmates. Each student brings his or her own experiences and ideas to the classroom environment.

Certificate credentials are UConn credentials: Just like every undergraduate and graduate degree our students earn, every online graduate certificate we award bears the signature of the University of Connecticut—your assurance that your credentials come straight from one of the nation’s Top 25 Universities.

All courses are taught by the same faculty members who teach our on-campus undergraduate and graduate-level courses. Many are tenured and each brings a wealth of real-world work experience to “class.” And they are committed to continually adapting the curriculum to reflect the latest evidence in healthcare innovation.